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GST Monoclonal Antibody – Glutathione S-transferase

MAB241P, a monoclonal antibody specific for GST-tag, is part of a growing list of MBS products aimed at assisting our customers in the detection of recombinant proteins.  MBS R&D developed […]

Food poisoning? It was likely a restaurant worker, says CDC – The Chart – Blogs

Food poisoning? It was likely a restaurant worker, says CDC Approximately 20 million people fall ill every year due to norovirus, according to a new report from the Centers for […]

E. coli Recombinant Antigen Expression Now Available

Antigen Sequence to Monoclonal Antibody For 25 years, Maine Biotechnology Services has been a leading provider of quality antibody reagents in both research and diagnostic fields.  MBS has long been […]

Maine Biotechnology Services is a premier provider of antibody services, from design and development to production and characterization. MBS extends the creativity and experience necessary for more complex hybridoma development projects, including small molecules and anti-idiotypic. Tools such as MultiPure technology and Octet Red kinetic analysis are utilized to allow customers the opportunity to refine their clone selection earlier in the process.  MBS’s development tools and expertise benefit not only service customers but also product customers as these tools are applied in the internal development of new antibody products. 

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